Product Overview

Our smart locker system is incredibly easy to use. Visitors simply need to create a unique PIN code and symbol combination, store their belongings inside the locker, and watch it automatically lock. For personal items such as phones and wallets, we offer small lockers that are perfect for quick and easy storage.

For larger items like luggage or sports equipment, we have spacious lockers that can accommodate all your belongings with ease.

Introducing the perfect storage solution for your business or venue.  Akamai Lockers Baby Beach and Collibree smart locker systems come in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit various needs, making them ideal for any type of business or venue.

The locker will only open again when the visitor enters their PIN code and symbol combination, ensuring that each locker is secure and can only be accessed by its rightful owner.

At Akamai Lockers International Inc., we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have about our smart locker systems and help you find the perfect solution for your business or venue. With our innovative smart locker solutions, you can provide your customers with a safe, hassle-free storage experience while generating additional revenue for your business.