Akamai Lockers Offering BOPIS Solutions for Hawaii Retailers

Enhancing BOPIS Solutions for Hawaii Retailers with Akamai Lockers

For Hawaii retailers seeking to enhance customer convenience through Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) services, Akamai Lockers presents advanced solutions in collaboration with Package Concierge® and Mobile Locker NV.

Akamai Lockers

Akamai Lockers offers secure, self-service package lockers that seamlessly integrate into various retail settings. Retailers can benefit from these lockers by:

  • Improving customer satisfaction with a convenient 24/7 pickup option
  • Increasing revenue by optimizing unused space effectively
  • Installing lockers in diverse locations, such as storefronts, hotel lobbies, and airports
  • Accessing local 24/7 support
  • Utilizing solutions from globally recognized storage providers

Package Concierge®

Package Concierge® provides smart locker systems tailored for BOPIS order fulfillment. All Package Concierge® Lockers are ETL listed products, rigorously tested and certified by Intertek, ensuring peace of mind. Package Concierge is the sole US company in the industry with all locker systems thoroughly vetted to meet UL Standards, National Electrical Code, and National Fire Protection Association compliance. Key features include:

  • Built-in Camera
  • Proprietary Latch System
  • ETL Certification
  • Seamless online order pickup, even for large items
  • Ample branding opportunities for retailers
  • User-friendly interface for store associates and customers
  • 24/7 customer support and a leading 5-year warranty
  • Integration with existing grocery store online systems
  • Customizable configurations to suit various retail spaces

Mobile Locker NV

Mobile Locker NV, a prominent storage solution provider in Europe, collaborates with Akamai Lockers as the exclusive distributor in Hawaii. Need refrigerated storage? Mobile Locker’s refrigerated lockers offer flexible, secure, and reliable distribution of chilled and frozen products. They provide lockers for both chilled and deep-frozen contents with remote temperature control, self-closing doors, and easy-to-clean finishes.

Mobile Locker's exclusive Click-and-collect lockers assist stores in managing staff shortages, reducing operating costs, and enhancing service for end customers.

In the current retail landscape, companies face challenges in staffing while customers increasingly demand superior service and extended operating hours. Rising wages and operational costs further compound these challenges.

By utilizing click-and-collect lockers, you can continue to assist customers outside regular hours. Our lockers are durable, suitable for outdoor use, and can accommodate larger items (up to 110 lbs.). The software seamlessly integrates with your online store application.

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Akamai Lockers, Package Concierge®, and Mobile Locker NV empower Hawaii retailers of all sizes to efficiently implement BOPIS, offering secure, self-service package pickup solutions. These enhancements improve the customer experience, streamline operations, and boost online and in-store sales. With modular designs, branding features, and advanced software, these smart locker providers cater perfectly to the BOPIS needs of retailers across the Hawaiian Islands.